Jun 3, 2022

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We recently caught up with one of our amazing Monarch Realty Co. brokers, Abbey Fay Weispfenning, for a quick Q&A about some of the current real estate trends in the Triangle.

What types of neighborhood features are your clients interested in right now?

Most of my clients are searching for neighborhoods with quality amenities such as pools, tennis courts, and organized activities. They have also prioritized neighborhoods with easy/quick access to grocery stores, entertainment, and greenways/parks.

What are clients prioritizing as they are making decisions about where they want to live? And how does that compare to previous years?

I have found that my clients are much more flexible than they were in previous years. Like many, at the beginning of their search we create a list of “wants” and a list of “needs.” That list changes fairly significantly between our first meeting and when they go under contract.

Over time they tend to shift from focusing on cosmetic features in the home to spending more time focusing on whether the home STRUCTURALLY meets their needs and whether the property will be a good investment (is it in an area that will continue to appreciate?).

How is growth in our community affecting the areas in which you help buyers and sellers find homes?

Many of my buyers have been much more willing to widen their search area and explore opportunities in communities that may have been considered less convenient or desirable a few years ago. Given the immense growth and incredible demand for housing in our area, they understand that communities outside of Raleigh (Knightdale, Clayton, Sanford, Angier, Smithfield, etc.) will eventually be in higher demand. They seem much more willing to consider getting “in” these communities now and hopefully watching their investment grow as the communities develop and become more popular.

How does your experience as an educator impact your clients?

My experience an educator impacts my clients in two major ways:

First, I have found that the teacher in me tends to attract a number of first time home buyers. I consider myself a hand-holder: I take a lot of time to walk clients through the process and very thoroughly explain what to expect (I love a good check-list!). The teacher/nurturer in me is able to spend that extra time developing the relationship so that those clients really trust me and feel well-informed throughout the entire process.

Second, my experience as an assistant principal provides me with a detailed understanding of how our school system works – from the selection process for Magnet schools, to understanding capped schools or to interpreting the year-round calendars. Our school districts are set up very differently than many others throughout the county, so I’ve found that this knowledge is invaluable to clients new to our area or unfamiliar with public schools.

I am also fortunate to have spent a lot of my time as an educator delving into data, so when clients inevitably ask THE question (“How are the schools for this neighborhood?”) I can provide a number of data sources and assist them in analyzing that data so that they are able to make informed decisions that are best for their family.

What do you love about working at Monarch Realty Co.?

I love that we are forward-thinking. I feel as if we are actively trying to “break the mold” and I think that’s incredibly important. There are thousands of agents in our area and I feel fortunate to work for a firm that recognizes the importance of setting ourselves apart from the rest.

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