November 16, 2022

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Kelsey Greenfield is one of our amazing brokers here at Monarch Realty Co. and we recently asked her for some good tips on the importance of an inspection.

Q: What advice do you give Buyers?

A: Make sure to get an inspection! Buyers need to know all the facts about a house. Be sure to peek in the crawl space. Look for moisture, large amounts of insects, things you can see without getting underneath the house. Once you know what is going on you can negotiate with the sellers to pay for any repairs needed. Even with new construction, get a pre-drywall inspection. Once the drywall goes up you can’t see what’s going on back there. Most builders have a 1-year warranty so I would suggest getting another inspection around 11 months. There may be things happening that aren’t a big deal now but in 10 years they will be, and then it will be on the homeowner to fix. Spending the money on a follow-up inspection can save you money and the headache of home repairs in the long run.

Q: Do you give the same advice to Sellers?

A: Yes, but for a different reason. I tell sellers to get an inspection prior to putting their house on the market. Knowing if there are any major issues can help you be prepared for what potential buyers will try to negotiate and help you with your listing price. Find an inspector you can trust.

Kelsey Greenfield grew up in Venice, Florida, which has a small and tight knit community. She believes that helped shape her professional relationships immensely. “I am still in contact with almost everyone from my preschool class. I like to think that I carry that same level of connectedness through to all of my clients.” After graduating from Florida State University, she moved to Raleigh on a whim. “I think this makes me uniquely qualified to help my clients especially when they’re moving to the Triangle from out of state.” In spending 30 minutes on the phone with Kelsey you can tell she is passionate about her work. She said that her favorite part of her job is the feeling of helping people find their dream home or the perfect investment opportunity for their future. It shows!

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